Why carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is emerging as the material of the future. Very strong and lightweight, carbon-fiber-based materials are used in a variety of applications where weight savings, emissions reduction, durability and energy efficiency are key performance factors.

As a result, carbon fiber has the potential to enable new levels of performance in high growth industries such as wind energy, transportation and infrastructure.

Introducing DowAksa — The Carbon Fiber Industry's Only Large-Scale, Full-Service, Fully Integrated Solution Provider

Aksa, the world’s leading provider of acrylic fiber, and The Dow Chemical Company, one of the world’s leading science and technology companies, have formed a joint venture, DowAksa, to develop, manufacture and globally market carbon fiber and derivatives to support the rapidly expanding carbon-fiber-based composites industry.

DowAksa will expand on Aksa’s existing carbon fiber production assets in Yalova, Turkey, and will combine the strengths of its partners to supply high-tech transportation, energy and infrastructure solutions at lower total cost to the customer. Development plans include integrated production capability for the manufacture and supply of advanced carbon fiber composites.

Upon completion, DowAksa will be the carbon fiber composites industry’s only large-scale, full-service, integrated solution provider. Find out more.