Services and Solutions

The technology is proven. The cost-benefit ratio is extraordinary. But maybe your retrofit application has unique challenges. Does that mean CarbonWrap® won’t work for you? Not necessarily.

Our Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) experts have decades of experience, both in the lab and in the field, upgrading buildings, piping, bridges and other structures. They’ve seen it all … or close to it. They have engineered effective solutions for all kinds of difficult environments, substrates and locations.

If your application doesn’t fit with one of our typical processes, we’ll work to devise another. We can’t guarantee we’ll find an answer for you, but we love a good challenge.

We invite you to contact us about your application challenge.

City Saves Hundreds of Thousands with CarbonWrap®

A city in Arizona was faced with replacing all of its streetlight poles, which were corroding and breaking from being buried about six feet in the ground. The cost to replace each pole was about $4500, including the cost for excavation and backfilling.

DowAksa CarbonWrap® offered a better solution. Using only the small wire access hole near the bottom of each pole, a braided CarbonWrap® tube was dropped inside, sort of like a sock dropped inside a boot. Then polymer concrete was poured inside the tube, causing the tube to expand to fit snugly against the inside of the steel pole. Once cured, the pole was stronger than new – in fact, in testing a restored pole by pulling on it with a crane, the pole eventually broke, but only above where the repair was made.

The total cost for repairing each pole with DowAksa CarbonWrap® was $500, and it took only about 20 minutes and required no heavy equipment and no disruption of electrical service.