TTT Chose DowAksa for VW’s New Commercial Vehicle Prototype

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.48.37 PMAs the prototype Volkswagen Transporter is revealed at the IAA Hannover 2014 Fair, the carbon fiber-reinforced polymer technology for a lighter, more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle is supplied by DowAksa, one of the world’s few carbon fiber producers.

Increase in the urban traffic congestion has led the automotive industry to develop lighter, more efficient and environmentally-friendly frigorific vehicles using the latest in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer technology. Within this scope, the project draws on the industrial expertise and knowhow of TTT The Team Composite AG, a technology leader in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer passenger vehicles, and is implemented in association with experienced business partners like CT&T and Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge.

Speaking of the partnership, DowAksa CEO Kostas Katsoglou said, “Although DowAksa is a relatively new player in the carbon fiber industry worldwide, leaving our competitors behind to start global partnerships encourages us. Carbon fiber is of strategic importance for innovative solutions due to its use in pressing issues of the world, including increasing wind turbine output, improving fuel efficiency in automobiles, and reinforcing utilities and structures against environmental factors. As DowAksa, we will continue our business development activities worldwide while offering a wide range of products to the carbon fiber composites industry and completing our portfolio with technical support.”

Applied on a 3.5-ton distribution truck for the first time, the product of the future by TTT The Team Composite AG has many properties provided by the carbon fiber technology.

Great reduction in diesel consumption and carbon emissions

The carbon fiber-reinforced polymer refrigeration structure and chassis of the vehicle have many advantages compared to conventional manufacturing methods. The use of carbon fiber not only helps the vehicle become lighter, more efficient and environmentally friendly, but achieves great savings in diesel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions due to 40% more payload and up to 30% savings in shipments. The vacuum thermal insulation enables the refrigeration unit on the vehicle to operate 60% more efficiently.

The specially developed carbon fiber-reinforced polymer refrigeration technology provides effective solutions to carbon emission and noise, two of the most critical issues in refrigerated transportation.

The environmentally friendly prototype can also be built as an electric vehicle due to the lightness and increased volume brought by carbon fiber. Other advantages of the vehicle include not requiring a passenger vehicle driver’s license to operate, versatility to be operated in citywide distribution networks, and ability to transport medical products as well as food products.

The prototype Volkswagen Transporter will be showcased at the IAA Hannover, the world’s largest commercial vehicles and components fair, between September 25th and October 2nd, 2014.